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    Server Support service for  efficient solution from DynaNet

     Most modern businesses depend on internet technology for their smooth operation and functionality, and a consistently available server plays a critical role in ensuring the same. Maintaining the efficient working of servers is a resource intensive task and often requires people to seek the assistance of professional server support service providers for proper management.


    • Server Monitoring:  We understand that the constantly monitoring the server performance is the best way to prevent sudden breakdowns. We use various monitoring tools such as Nagios, IPCheck, hyperspin, and IPMonitor, along with a third party e-mail address to not only monitor server performance but also to keep an eye on any alerts received.   
    • Server Security: At DynaNet, we undertake regular auditing of live servers to minimize the risk of server malfunctioning. In addition, we also perform actions to harden server functionality, which include modifying the Kernel settings, securing host.conf, installing chkrootkit and setting up cron. 


    DynaNet Server Support

    At DynaNet we understand the importance of providing round the clock server support services to ensure optimal performance and minimize losses for our clients. Our team of well experienced and highly skilled technicians make every effort to maximize the up time of servers and provide robust security for live servers. We are well-known for our quick response in case of alerts and taking the most appropriate actions in the shortest possible time to solve any issues that might affect performance. Brief details of the major services provided by us are given below.

    DynaNet- For Healthy Server Support

    A well maintained and efficient server is the key for keeping the modern businesses running in a smooth and unhindered manner, which is what we at DynaNet strive to achieve.