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    Support Outsourcing

    Serve the client in a professional way with DyanNet Live Chat Support


    Given the busy lifestyles of people today, it is only natural that customers seek immediate response to their queries. Live Chat offers an instant and easy means of communicating with a business websites, without having to depend on the more time taking e-mail support or the expensive phone in option.  

    The DynaNet Live Chat Support

    We at DynaNet understand the fact that developing a more personal connection with people visiting your website can enhance the growth of your business significantly. Our live Chat support personnel are made familiar with the brand, policies and products of your business so as to make them capable of handling customer queries and complaints in an efficient manner in real time. Our team makes every effort to come up with a professional and appropriate response to customer problems and consequently enhance both sales and customer satisfaction.

    What DynaNet Has To Offer

    As a part of our Live Chat support service, you can be assured of the following benefits.

    •          Providing support in terms of developing and enhancing customer relationships.
    •          Helping resolve general customer queries in real time.
    •          Offering technical support at Tier1 and Tier 2 levels
    •          Helping customers resolve any remote installation issues
    •          Minimize instances of shopping cart abandonment by providing billing support
    •          Avoid loss of customers due to unanswered queries through sales and order support
    •          Build customer trust with return and repair support

    Don’t let your business suffer by allowing customers to click away due to the absence of a problem solver.  Provide your customers the unique experience real world shopping online, with our Live Chat support service.